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Vytenis Burokas
The Metaphysics Of Beer: A Symposium Of Humans And Microorganisms, 2016
A play by Vytenis Burokas
Publisher  &editions
City London, UK

Year 2016
Pages 30
Dimensions 283 x 203 mm
Colour Monochrome
Binding Staples
Cover Tim Kliukoit
Process Risograph, digital print
Edition Size 60
Design Laura Grigaliūnaitė
Translation Martynas Galkus


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Vytenis Burokas The Metaphysics Of Beer: A Symposium Of Humans And Microorganisms is a humorous demonstration of his research and methodology that pulls ideas around philosophy, science, fermentation, rituals, inebriation, and food into a vortex.

Rather than merely cite and quote his research, the artist stages an increasingly drunken discussion between himself and a crowd of philosophers, scientists, and theoreticians.  In the play, Burokas ventriloquises, and is inhabited by, a strange constellation of characters who have all dealt with the properties of the clinamen in some way, including the philosophers Aristotle, Epicurus, Lucretius, Julia Annas, and Michel Serres, the scientists Henri Poincaré and Ilya Prigogine, and the composers and theorists John Rahn and Michel Dellvile, amongst many other voices. (text by Post Brothers)

About the artist: Vytenis Burokas (b. 1990, Vilnius, Lithuania) is an artist and curator. He is interested in visible and invisible manifestations of history and memory fragments, documenting time passing and responding with choreography, movements, narrative to highlight traces, slips of a tongue and language. His focus lies in rituals and happenings in social environments and architecture.

Vytenis Burokas undertook BA and MA Contemporary Sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Arts between 2009 and 2015 and completed the Rupert Educational Program in Vilnius in 2014. Burokas has exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius, LT), Šiauliai Art Gallery (Šiauliai, LT), Komplot (Brussels, BE), Nida Art Colony (Nida, LT), Granada Film Festival (Granada, Spain), stage performance at Muiderpoorttheater (Amsterdam, NL), performances at Rupert (Vilnius, LT). He recently co-curated the exhibition Citynature: Vilnius and Beyond at the National Gallery of Art (Vilnius).