Justinas Vilutis is an artist based in Lausanne, Switzerland who works with a diverse range of media. His current practice is focused around subversive content-driven design, print, photography and research. His practice contains a wide range of interests from Honey Boo Boo to psychoanalysis and dialectical materialism.

Becoming a Dog is the first publication by Justinas Vilutis, surveying his photographic work over the past five years. Using images taken across Lithuania, Russia, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Estonia, events unfold as a rhizome, without any particular direction or narrative, ceaselessly establishing chains of events of becoming. It traces deterritorialisation in which a subject no longer occupies a realm of stability and identity but is instead folded imperceptibly into a movement. There is no beginning or end, but only the transient state of becoming a dog.

On August 27, 1883 earth shivered as Krakatoa volcano erupted, rupturing ear drums for anyone in proximity of 40 miles, reverberating for days across the globe and altering air pressure for 5 days on earth. What remains is forever.